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Manki Job is a Home Healthcare Service provider to improve the welfare and health care of the elderly and your young ones. We want to become a reference point for the society; people in India, in developing quality systems especially in child and elderly care that benefits everyone. Our ethical guidelines emphasize on quality of the Health Care service we provide and the peace of mind that we offer to our customers. And for that, everyone at Manki Job is involved – our caregivers, managers and the senior management. With top Doctors and world-class medical facilities Manki Job is the leading Healthcare Services provider at your home. You don’t have to worry about your parents back home just select our Elder care plan and we will take care with home care assistance

We cater to domains i.e. Nurse / Attendant, Elder care, Post operative care, Baby care, and chronic disease care etc.


Discover Home Care Services

Manki Job provides best Elder Care services in Maharashtra which emphasizes the social and personal requirements of senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities and health care, but who desire to age with dignity. Call us for Elderly Care Services at Home

Our In-House Attendants are well trained for Home Nursing Services in Maharashtra, who can help Patients with their daily grooming activities, mobility , timely medication, monitoring vitals. We offer pioneer services in the field of Critical Care, Palliative Care, Post Surgical Care etc. Call us for Patient Care at Home

Babysitter Services and Caregivers at Manki job are always happy to provide expert Mother and Baby Care while you take a much-needed break. We provide highly trained baby care taker at home to help you with post natal recovery. With our in home child care services you can focus on your daily routine and job

Our babysitter and caregivers are trained to handle kids and toddlers with utmost patience and resilience. We ensure that your absence doesn’t come in the way of your child’s mental and physical growth. Our baby care takers are trained and well informed so that you will not have to worry.


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