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Permanent Staffing Services

Permanent staffing is an essential element of any organization's human resource strategy. It is the process of hiring employees on a long-term basis to fulfill the organization's strategic and long-term goals. Manki Job Recruitment Consultancy understands that hiring permanent employees requires careful consideration and planning. We provide comprehensive permanent staffing services to organizations looking to hire highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Our team of recruiters works closely with clients to understand their business requirements, organizational culture, and workforce needs. We provide a customized solution that fits the specific requirements of each client. We have an extensive database of pre-screened, qualified candidates, which enables us to quickly identify the right candidates for our clients.

We provide permanent staffing solutions for both IT and non-IT roles. Our recruiters specialize in finding the right talent for various job positions, including software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, business analysts, project managers, accountants, HR managers, sales executives, and more. We ensure that our candidates possess the necessary technical and soft skills required for the job role and are a good fit for the client's organizational culture.

Our recruitment process is thorough and includes job analysis, candidate sourcing, candidate screening and selection, interviews, reference checks, and onboarding. We conduct in-depth interviews with candidates to assess their technical, interpersonal, and communication skills. We also conduct background checks and verify their work experience and educational qualifications.

As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single-window approach, delivering the entire gamut of services. We shoulder the responsibilities of the staffing process, including salary negotiations, employment contracts, and payroll management. This allows our clients to focus on their core business activities while we take care of their permanent staffing needs.

Summary: Manki Job Recruitment Consultancy is a reliable partner for organizations looking to hire highly skilled and experienced professionals on a permanent basis. Our customized solutions, extensive candidate database, and thorough recruitment process ensure that our clients get the right talent to achieve their business goals.


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