Drilling Operator

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Job Details

Job Overview:

Drilling Operator


  • Dehugaon
  • 3-4 years
  • 25000
  • Full Time
  • 3

Job Description:- 

Set up milling, Drilling  mchines by installing and adjusting HSS,s/c tols fixtures and other attachments according to blueprint specifications.

Select and install appropriate tools, such as driils, end mill, reamer, Side and face milling cutter based on workpiece material and specifications.

Adjust machine controls to regulate factors such as speed, pressure, and coolant flow.

Good knowledge of cutting tools like drill, taps , reamers.

Hands on experience of universal machines like HMT M2, Milling Machines - klopp, Lathe Herbert (kirloskar)9c, Band saw machine , Gun Drill Machine. 

Required Skills: Drilling Operator Drilling Machines

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